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Carlos Marmol Accused Of Abuse In Dominican Republic

A Spanish-language news website reported that the Cubs closer has been accused of abuse by a 24-year-old woman.


This isn't good news for Cubs closer Carlos Marmol, according to a report from Paul Sullivan in the Tribune:

Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Marmol has been accused of abuse by lawyers for a 24-year-old woman, according to a report in the Dominican Republic.

Miledys Mejia Cepeda filed a criminal complaint against Marmol, according to the Dominican newspaper website No police charges apparently have been filed.

Marmol's attorney denied the allegation and said he has filed a counter complaint, accusing the woman of trying to extort and blackmail Marmol, the website reported.

Here's the original report; it's in Spanish, so if there are any native Spanish speakers here who can give us an accurate translation of that article, I'd appreciate it.

Sullivan reports that Marmol's agent didn't return messages and Cubs President of Baseball operations was "unavailable for comment."

I don't want to put any personal notes or feelings here, since we don't know any details beyond what's in those two links. But coming just 10 days before Marmol is scheduled to report to Mesa for spring training, this can't be a good thing.