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2013 MLB Draft Prep: Music Week

What does music have to do with Draft Prep? Nothing. But merging my old iTunes into my new iTunes is front and center this week. I have to be ready for Aledmis Day on January 8.

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Laurence Griffiths

My old computer was in its death throes, and still is. I picked up a new computer, and that is a 50/50 mix of joy and frustration. I figured I should toss something out Cubs-related anyway.

Twitter is indicating college coaches had a conference this week. Three topics that were just about 50/50 were: having livelier bats, livelier balls, and balls with flatter seams. It sounds like there will be articles discussing these, as well as permitting college baseball players to have agents, and a few fall games that will count in the standings. Details as they become available. I'm on board with college players having agents. But I agreed mostly with Rick Telander's "Hundred Yard Lie" decades ago.


As a mild discussion topic, how would you evaluate a team's minor league system, in general? Not specifically the Cubs, just 'a team's'. is it based on how many guys hit it big? Is it who is used for trade bait? Is it something else? There are plenty of ways to evaluate, and no 'one way' is specifically correct.

For now, mine would assess limiting the 'healthy whiff value', and increasing the ability to get third-round value from the sixth round.


I'm coming around on drafting Austin Meadows in the No. 2 slot. The explanation is here.


As I warned, this is awfully content-light, but I did Tweet a request for live coverage of Saturday's Aledmis Diaz (Cuban defector shortstop) and Dariel Alvarez (Cuban defector outfielder) workout in Mexico. I'm anxiously awaiting confirmation.

Until then, back to working on my computer's music collection.