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MLB Bullets Is Tied To A Two-Year Contract

Major League Baseball has signed a new deal with T-Mobile to provide all communications between the dugout and the bullpen. They signed a two-year contract and won't be eligible for an upgrade until three months before the contract runs out. Despite this, major league baseball is still the second-most popular sport in America.

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Mike Ehrmann

All the talk in baseball right now is about the Hall of Fame vote, which may have been announced already by the time you read this. I honestly think this subject has been talked out, but the sense that I get is between the voters who are voting for no one as a kind of protest against steroids and the others who are only voting for Jack Morris as a protest over sabermetricians who blog from their basement, it's sounding more and more like no one is going to get elected, and that's a shame. I can't think of a single reason not to vote for Craig Biggio except that he hung around too long. And one voter won't vote for Mike Piazza because he had "back acne." I guess I won't be getting his vote for Cooperstown either.

The Iowa Hawkeyes men's basketball team was blown out by Michigan.

And next week will be better than this week, Buster.