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Cub Tracks Spreads A Jinx

Prospecting is about all the Cub news there is. So let's try and jinx the Cardinals.

I'm no "Sawx!!!" fan, but I hope they beat the birds.
I'm no "Sawx!!!" fan, but I hope they beat the birds.
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Bleed Cubbie Blue is still looking for your questions. No idea what I'm talking about? Click here.

And while I don't think Cub Tracks played any role in Jay Cutler's torn groin muscle (the worst sounding injury I can think of), let's not take any chances. I would never root for any player to get injured, but hopefully we can send some bad vibes the Cardinals' way.

From Comcast SportsNet

  • The look at the team position-by-position continues to shortstop. This means a chance to chat about Starlin Castro and even Javier Baez.
  • What talent is in the pipeline for the next manager of the Cubs?

From Cubs Den

  • The Cubs have power in the system, but who is going to set the table?


  • Nothing.


From the Chicago Tribune

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