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The Cubs And Scott Kazmir: A Match?

Should the Cubs go after the Cleveland lefthander, soon to be a free agent?

Jason Miller

I'll accept the mea culpas now, from all of those who posted here that Scott Kazmir was "done."

Kazmir, after missing most of two seasons and having his road back to MLB detour through the Sugar Land Skeeters, had a fine year for the Cleveland Indians in 2013. After starting late (three weeks into the season), he made 29 starts, stayed healthy, threw 156 innings and struck out 162, posted a 1.323 WHIP and 3.45 SO/BB ratio (that one would have ranked 12th in the American League if he had enough innings, just slightly below Yu Darvish), and had an ERA+ of 93, just a bit below average.

It wasn't the greatest pitching season you could imagine, but it surely was a lot better than "done", and Kazmir would have looked a lot better in the Cubs' rotation than Edwin Jackson. He'd have cost a lot less than Jackson, too; according to Cot's, Kazmir made $1 million in 2013 with $1.75 million in performance bonuses. I'm not sure if he made those bonuses, but $2.75 million for the year Kazmir had would have to be listed as "cheap."

Kazmir was on a one-year deal with the Tribe, thus, he will soon be a free agent again. He is lefthanded. He turns 30 in January. He's clearly healthy again; look at his Pitch F/X velocity chart (note the power sinker in that velocity table). He'll cost more than he did a year ago, due to his good 2013, but he still shouldn't qualify as "expensive."

I'd very much like to see the Cubs take a chance on him. How about you?