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MLB Bullets Will Interview For The Job

The managerial carousel keeps spinning with one new opening and a second one looking more and more likely. The Reds have found their man. A Freak is returning to The City. Something called the World Series starts tonight. Is that important?

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Leon Halip

Happy World Series Day! Oh yeah, I forgot. It's the Red Sox and the Cardinals. I guess we can just suffer our way through the holiday season again this year. Charlie Brown really should have been a Cubs fan, not a Giants fan. Although the Giants never won anything during his comic strip life, either.

Trivia answers: Buck Showalter first took the reins of the Yankees in 1992, making him the final "four divisions" manager. However, Bruce Bochy has managed continuously since 1995, for a total of 19 seasons. Showalter has "only" managed 15 seasons.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster.