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Cubs Set 2014 Spring Training Season-Ticket Prices

Good news for fans -- ticket prices at the new complex are roughly comparable, at least if you buy season tickets, to what they were in the final year at HoHoKam Park.

The Cubs sent their spring-training season-ticket holders information on what will happen for season tickets at the new (still-unnamed) spring-training complex, about to be completed in Mesa, Arizona. If you're such a holder (and I am), you should have received an email today; it details the following deadlines for changing over:

October 21 - Invoices will be sent out to current plan holders which will include your new season seat location. New plan holders will select their seats in November and be provided an invoice upon selection.

November 9 - Ballpark Open House- Special event for season ticket holders to view the new facility from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Event details to be provided with invoice.

November 11-15 - Season Ticket Seat Relocation Event - All account holders will have an assigned appointment time to contact the Chicago Cubs Fan Service department to relocate, upgrade, or select seats.

December 1 - Balance due for your 2014 Spring Training Season Tickets.

Currently, the Cubs are planning on 16 home dates; the email says that could change depending on the schedule. 16 or 17 home dates is a typical Cactus League schedule. Here are the ticket prices they list in the email for season-ticket holders:

Infield box: $34
Infield reserved: $29
Outfield reserved: $24
Bullpen reserved: $18
Lawn: $8

Here's a seating chart; the sections as described above should be self-explanatory (click to embiggen):


Here's a list of what was charged to single-game buyers in 2013 (as I recall, season-ticket prices were the same):

Field Box               $32       $28
Terrace Box             $30       $26
Terrace/Field Box       $25       $21
Grandstand Reserved     $19       $15
Lawn                    $9        $8

I assume there will be some difference for single-game buyers for "premium" and "regular" dates in 2014 once those are determined. You should be able to tell from the map above the rough equivalence between the types of seats offered in 2013, and the types of seats in the new complex.

As you can see, the new prices are roughly comparable to the 2013 prices for "premium" games, except for lawn tickets, which remain at $8 for all games. This is a small increase and not out of line. I think the Cubs did the right thing by pricing these tickets at roughly comparable levels to 2013 prices, and similar to prices at Talking Stick (the Rockies/Diamondbacks complex), rather than the much higher prices found at Camelback Ranch (Dodgers/White Sox). Single-game prices are likely to be higher than season-ticket prices; hopefully, they won't be too much higher.

I'll post more information if I receive it, as well as the spring-training schedule when it's available.