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Cubs Release 2014 Season-Ticket Renewal Schedule

The season has just ended. But it's not too soon to start thinking about 2014.

Jonathan Daniel

If you're a season-ticket holder, you have likely received (or will shortly) an email from VP of Tickets Colin Faulkner about the schedule for renewing your tickets for 2014.

One thing was missing from the email: pricing. I'll have some comments on how I think the Cubs should price season tickets sometime soon, in advance of the invoices coming out. Obviously, they've likely already decided how they're going to do it. In the article I wrote last year on this topic, I didn't quite get the breakdowns correct, though they were close, and the overall cost of the bleacher season ticket I projected was different from the actual cost... by $5.

Here's the pertinent information from the email, including the date next March for single-game ticket sales:

Your Season Ticket Renewal Information will be sent October 14. Please make sure your email address is up to date. In order to successfully identify all seats that will be available for relocation, we are asking all Season Ticket Holders to indicate their intention to renew for 2014 with a first installment of 10 percent by November 18. Any seats not renewed with a 10 percent payment by November 18 will be made available for other renewing Season Ticket Holders to consider at the relocation event. At the conclusion of the relocation event, we will make all remaining seating inventory available to members of the Season Ticket Waiting List.

You will receive detailed information about the relocation event, including your assigned appointment time, with your invoice when it is sent October 14.

Additionally, a limited number of Premier Season Ticket locations may become available. The Premier seating locations include the first four rows behind home plate and the bullpen. If you are interested in exploring relocation to our Premier seating locations, please contact your Season Ticket Service Representative by October 18 for additional information.

The following dates are important to mark on your calendar (subject to change):

October 14 – Season Ticket Invoices sent (please be sure your desired email address is up-to-date on your Season Ticket Account)

November 18 – Season Ticket Holder 10 percent down payment due

December 3-7 – Season Ticket Holder Relocation and Upgrade Event at Wrigley Field

January 14 – Season Ticket Holder full payment due

January 17-19 – 29th Annual Chicago Cubs Convention at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers

March 7 – Single Game Tickets for the 2014 Season go on sale to the public (Season Ticket Holders will have a pre-sale opportunity)

Second Week of March – Season Tickets shipped

This is pretty much the same as last year, with the addition of the available "premium" season ticket locations. It will be interesting to see what they're charging for those. When I get my invoice, I'll post another article with those prices and how they compare to the 2013 prices.