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Report: Joe Girardi Gets Offer From Yankees

All right, here's some real information, not rumors.


We've been dealing with Joe Girardi rumors for several days now, but here's some actual information:

After making Joe Girardi a new contract offer, the New York Yankees are now awaiting Girardi's decision on if he will continue to manage the team or not, an official with knowledge of the talks told

The source would not reveal the parameters of the new contract, but it is expected to be significant.

"We are going to give him a real good reason to stay," Yankees GM Brian Cashman said during a press conference Tuesday.

The official said that Girardi may take the weekend to decide if he will accept the offer or not. If he chooses to leave, Girardi could have options in Chicago, Washington, Cincinnati and possibly the broadcast booth.

Here's some additional corroborating information from the New York Times:

With other teams peering in from the outside, the Yankees made a contract offer to Manager Joe Girardi on Friday, and expect to find out within a few days whether a deal is likely to be reached.

In the meantime, other potential suitors could be lining up to talk to Girardi if he does not immediately agree to a Yankees extension, although they will likely have to wait.

And so that's what we will do -- wait. Obviously, this is up to Girardi, and if he decides to stay with the Yankees, there's nothing Theo and Jed can do but move down the list to other candidates, which now includes Mike Maddux:

Mike Maddux, the Texas Rangers' pitching coach and a former managerial candidate of the Chicago Cubs, is "more interested" in the Cubs job this time than he was in 2011, according to a source. Two years ago, Maddux pulled out of the process before the team hired Dale Sveum.

Maddux, 52, wasn't ready to leave Texas then because of family considerations, but the source said that "isn't as big of a concern" now.

Personally, Maddux would be my next choice after Girardi; he was my No. 1 choice two years ago when Dale Sveum was hired. If Girardi isn't available, I hope the Cubs hire Maddux.

The New York Times article ends with this repeat of information reported last weekend:

Also, before the Yankees’ final game of the season, Girardi said money would have nothing to do with his final choice. He said the decision would be based on family considerations.

And now, we wait.