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MLB Bullets Welcomes The New Order

There's a temporary change here at BCB. There were more permanent changes in MLB, as Dusty Baker was shown the door and people are wondering if Don Mattingly is next. David Price doesn't like nerds and Dee Gordon makes a face. Finally, more crap about ARod.

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Kevin C. Cox
NOTE FROM AL: Over the last few weeks of the season, some here have suggested that I might need a break from BCB, due to the tough and frustrating 2013 season. I've never really done that, not in the nearly nine years this site has been active. I've decided that those people were right, and so I am taking a few days off this week. Josh will be running things, and I know you'll be well looked after for Cubs news, and will continue to respect one another. The only exception I'd make to the break is if the Cubs hire a manager during this break ... that's a big enough deal that I'll return if it happens (I don't expect it to happen that quickly, but you never know). Otherwise Josh is in charge this week. I'll be around for a couple of hours this morning and after that, see you here Friday afternoon, hopefully recharged. I'm going to leave a few "Caption This" photos for you to have fun with during the week. Enjoy the week and go Cubs.

Bwah ha ha! My minions forced Al to write that note from the mountain lair where he's being held. As my coup is now complete, I will remake this blog into my own image. The first step? Less coverage of the Cubs and more of Punk/New Wave/Alternative music from 1976 to 1991. There may also be essays on the Cold War coming.

While Al is in protective custody, I expect that you will all treat me with the same respect you give Al. Unfortunately, I expect that's exactly what you're going to do.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Or else.