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Kerry Wood Or Dave Otto For WGN Radio Broadcasts?

There's a report that WGN's choice could come down to these two.


I'm not sure how credible or reliable "Chicagoland Radio and Media" is, but late Wednesday they posted this update on the Cubs/WGN radio announcer search:

On Monday afternoon, Chicago Tribune sportswriter Paul Sullivan wrote about the list of potential new Cubs radio announcers to replace Keith Moreland, who announced his exit from the broadcast booth last week. The names are primarily made up of former Cubs players. On the list are the names Mark DeRosa, Kerry Wood, Cliff Floyd, Mark Grace, Todd Hollandsworth, Doug Glanville, Steve Stone, Andy Masur, Steve Lyons, Rick Sutcliffe, and Dave Otto. According to insiders, despite the long list, WGN-AM is most likely deciding between just two of those names: Kerry Wood and Dave Otto.

We discussed these names the other day, but if it's really down to Otto or Wood, I hope they'll choose Wood. I have heard Otto on the air before -- he's done fill-in work on both radio and TV -- and I find his voice and cadence sleep-inducing.

I wrote the other day that it didn't seem likely Wood would be interested in the job because of the travel involved. However, if that's not an issue for Wood, I'd like to see him get the chance. He's always been personable and every time I've met him, articulate and with a smile on his face. He's young (37 next June) and could conceivably be in the booth for many years to come. He doesn't have any broadcast experience, but everyone has to start somewhere, I suppose.

So -- who's your pick between these two? Or do you have another?