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Mystery Candidate Emerges For Cubs Radio Job

I'll bet you can't identify the Cub in the photo above, but he's reported to be in the running to replace Keith Moreland as Pat Hughes' partner.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

There's new information about possible choices for the Cubs' radio position as analyst, and a candidate not named before is in the running, according to Bruce Miles in the Daily Herald. Here's the "mystery candidate":

One Internet report this week had the choice to replace Keith Moreland coming down to Kerry Wood or Dave Otto.

However, sources close to the situation say Wood is not a candidate. Otto, a graduate of Elk Grove High School and a former Cubs pitcher, remains a candidate. He worked in the Cubs' TV booth in 2001 and 2002. A Wheaton resident, Otto has been a fill-in analyst over the years.

One interesting name has popped up as a possibility: onetime Cubs infielder and Chicago-area native Ron Coomer. A member of the 2001 Cubs, Coomer has done TV work for the Minnesota Twins, with whom he began his major-league career.

Coomer, who turns 47 Monday, is a graduate of Lockport High School, and he has operated a baseball academy in the south suburbs. During his one year with the Cubs, he was seen as media friendly and a strong clubhouse presence.

I haven't heard much of Coomer, but as someone who grew up in the Chicago suburbs, a Cub for a season, and a man with broadcast experience, he would seem to be well-qualified. Bruce notes that Todd Hollandsworth is still in the running, and that it might still be possible for Doug Glanville to be considered.

You'd think the Cubs would want to get this position filled fairly quickly, so that Pat Hughes could possibly meet with whoever is chosen, maybe do some practice games, and get comfortable with his new partner.