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Cub Tracks Is On Shark Watch

Baseball folks are mostly convinced Jeff Samardzija will be swimming in another uniform. Is that a good idea? Is it a sign the rebuild will get longer? If it does, fear not, long-time Cub fans. You'll experience a Cub WS title from the afterlife!

Hunting soon in a different uniform?
Hunting soon in a different uniform?
Dilip Vishwanat

Cub Tracks will have some AFL wrap-up in Tuesday's edition.

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From Cubs Den

  • The Cubs don't need to spend a bunch of money indiscriminately to prove their market status. After all, it's not the size of your market, it is how you use it.
  • Notes part 1: the Blue Jays are interested in Jeff Samardzija, Matt Wieters may be available, Jacoby Ellsbury, and could a prospect swap with the Miami Marlins be in the works?
  • Notes part 2: trying to land a big fish, gambling on Ellsbury, more news from Japan, and Shark rumors get hot.



From the Chicago Tribune
  • Nothing new.

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