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Cubs Add Alcantara, Beeler To 40-Man Roster

And now we have the answer on whether the Cubs think Dallas Beeler is worth protecting.


Wednesday at 11 p.m. CT is the deadline to add players to the 40-man roster to protect them from next month's Rule 5 draft.

And, late this afternoon, we got the answer as to who the Cubs are adding to the roster:

Why, just yesterday our own Tim Huwe was asking whether it would be worth adding Beeler to the roster, and the Cubs answered "Yes." I agree with that move -- Beeler showed enough during the Arizona Fall League, in my view, to give himself a shot at the 2014 major-league bullpen, at the very least, and maybe even compete for a rotation spot.

The addition of Arismendy Alcantara (there's a typo in the tweet above) was pretty much a given, after his showing in the minor leagues during 2013 and his home run in the 2013 Futures Game.

The Cubs' 40-man roster stands at 39 players after these two additions.