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Cub Tracks Honors Ernie

Congrats to Mr. Cub, who was honored at the White House on Wednesday. For the current team, Cub Tracks follows some rumors, ponders the power of trade, and checks on feelings.

Ernie has earned our applause.
Ernie has earned our applause.
David Banks

I'm wondering if the Tribune, Sun Times and Daily Herald are simply hibernating for the winter.

From Comcast SportsNet

  • We read in an earlier edition of Cub Tracks that Theo Epstein had mixed emotions about the Red Sox winning the title. Turns out, Jason McLeod feels the same way.

From Cubs Den

  • Cub Notes: Cuban defectors, the Rule 5 draft, and taking a flyer on Grady Sizemore.
  • A lot of attention has been paid to possible free agent signings. But could this be a trade happy offseason? I can't say there's a ton of insight in this article, but it is a concept I've been thinking about. I'm "on record" saying I think we'll see at least one big trade this winter.


  • Phil Rogers, now of, thinks the Cubs just need to stay the course.
  • (Video) Jim Callis talks about Kris Bryant's impressive season and when we might see the youngster at Wrigley Field. The clip includes a couple Bryant highlights, including him nearly decapitating a pitcher with a RBI single.
  • As previewed by Tuesday's Cub Tracks, Cubs' legend Ernie Banks received the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Wednesday. Congrats, Mr. Cub.


  • I find this article... weird. It grades all the NL teams offseason bullpens. It's really more a "season in review", which frankly doesn't seem all that interesting at this point. The Cubs get a "D+" which is somehow both harsh and fair all at the same time.

From the Chicago Tribune

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