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Cubs Rumors: Blue Jays After Jeff Samardzija

The latest on Shark: he could be headed to Toronto.

Denis Poroy

Based on this tweet from Bruce Levine:

Jeff Samardzija could be a member of the Toronto Blue Jays. The tweet doesn't indicate that this trade is "imminent," as the term is often used, or even somewhat close to being consummated.

But it seems clear that Theo Epstein & Co. are shopping Shark. A couple of weeks ago, this Washington Post report linked the Nationals as being one of the teams interested in acquiring the Cubs righthander. We have also seen -- and discussed here -- interest from the Arizona Diamondbacks going as far back as last summer.

I'm not familiar enough with the Toronto system to say exactly which player or players the Cubs should get in return. However, I'd think the Cubs would want at least one young pitcher who could compete for the 2014 rotation, as well as maybe get back some bullpen help.

Your thoughts, as always, in the comments.