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Cub Tracks Scrapes By

Many fans are calling for the team to "DO SOMETHING!!!!!" I agree... especially because Cub Tracks needs more to work with than these sparse offerings.

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A little face time for Jed.
A little face time for Jed.
Jonathan Daniel

ESPN and the dead tree folks aren't doing anything at this point.

From Comcast SportsNet

  • Power hitters are in shorter supplies these days. The Cubs are trying to -- wait for it -- exploit that market inefficiency.

From Cubs Den


  • Carrie tackles another mailbag, including questions about who will lead off for the Cubs.
  • USA Today has named Wrigley Field the number one park in Major League Baseball. Guess we don't need those renovations after all!


  • This was reported here already when the Cubs' spring-training schedule was posted, but here are a few more details from the Arizona Republic on the report that the Cubs' new spring training home will be known as "Cubs Park"... until it isn't. Also noted is the official "grand opening" date, before spring training begins.

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