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MLB Bullets Wants A Hall Of Fame Ballot

The Hall of Fame ballots are out and Deadspin's got one. The Cardinals announce they aren't the "morality police." Free agents and teams continue to shop around. The Nationals want more free money. The Mets wish you a happy holidays and you wish they didn't.

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Ethan Miller

First of all, I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and a happy Hanukkah. As the holiday season starts, the baseball news starts to slow. If you think today's report is light, just wait until Friday when I'll bring you all the baseball news from today and tomorrow. Heck, I can bring it to you now:

OK, I'm sure I'll have something to write about. Maybe Brad Pitt will fly to Stephen Drew's house to ask him in person to sign with the Athletics. Because they apparently can't afford phones in Oakland, but they can afford plane tickets.

Don't worry. The winter meetings are coming.

And tomorrow will be a better day that today, Buster. Because we'll all be stuffing our faces. (I'm actually going to do a 5k benefit run before the feast.) Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving everyone from all of us at BCB.