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Next Cubs Manager Interview: Torey Lovullo

When Theo Epstein fired Dale Sveum September 30, he probably figured he'd have a replacement in place by now.

Jared Wickerham

In the absence of any real news regarding the Cubs' managerial search, I simply present to you this morning for discussion a report on yet another managerial interview:

The Cubs also are expected to interview Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo, 48, this week, according to FOX Sports and MLB Network's Ken Rosenthal. Epstein hired Lovullo to manage the Red Sox's Triple-A Pawtucket team in 2010.

In addition to managing in the Red Sox system, Lovullo's coaching career includes: nine years as a manager in the Cleveland Indians organization from 2002-2009 (one year in Low-A, two years in High-A, one year in Double-A, five years in Triple-A), two years as first-base coach for the Toronto Blue Jays under manager John Farrell, and then his year as Farrell's bench coach in Boston.

This FanGraphs interview with Lovullo from last month has been linked here before, but if you have not read it, it's a good read, showing Lovullo is well-versed in modern baseball strategy, theory and advanced metrics.

Would he be a good hire? Probably. To me, just about any of the remaining candidates is about equal in experience and qualifications. Since baseball executives seem to like hiring guys they know... well, here's someone Theo knows well. That isn't always the best choice, but it seems the most likely one. If he's hired, it might be useful to bring someone with previous managerial experience to be his bench coach (in Boston, he was the bench coach for a man he knew well, who already had a previous gig as a manager).

In case you were wondering, "Torey" is short for "Salvatore". Here's his playing record, eight years' worth of utility play for seven different teams. We have talked here about the idea that having a former pitcher or former catcher as a manager is helpful because of his knowledge of pitching. Lovullo was an infielder. Will this matter? Looks like we're going to get the chance to find out.