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Keith Moreland Leaving Cubs WGN Radio Booth

After three years broadcasting Cubs games, the ex-Cub is heading home to Texas.

Who knew that a random Wednesday in November would be such a busy news day?

Here's the latest news, about broadcaster Keith Moreland:

WGN Radio announced today that former Cub and Cubs radio baseball color analyst Keith Moreland has made the decision to leave the broadcast booth to spend more time with his family.

In a note to the WGN staff, Moreland stated, "I would like to thank the fans, the folks at WGN Radio, my colleagues in the booth, the Ricketts family, and the Cubs for this great opportunity. After spending three years doing it, I’ve simply decided that I want to spend more time at home in Texas."

Moreland was a change in the booth from the late Ron Santo; when Moreland filled in for Santo in 2009 and 2010, I thought he'd make a worthy successor. He never quite made it; although he certainly put a lot of hard work into the job and gave it his best effort, I never warmed up to him on the air and I know many here feel the same way.

I wish him well, though; he certainly was a fan favorite in his time playing for the Cubs in the 1980s and I only wish he'd have had three better teams to commentate about.

I know you'll also have suggestions on who should replace him. Leave them in the comments.