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Cub Tracks Gets Rick Rolled

Cub Tracks welcomes the new manager, mostly by talking about other things. I mean, you'll have plenty of places on BCB to type about how you feel ecstasy, indifference, or loathing toward the new Cubs' skipper. So come on in to Cub Tracks to talk about the process of hiring a manager, Albert Almora's new alpha-dog attitude, and the body part you never knew you had.

Never gonna give you up!
Never gonna give you up!
Christian Petersen

I know there's "bigger" news, but you've got to read the article on Albert Almora.

From Comcast SportsNet

From Cubs Den

  • Some Cubs Notes: some dated managerial material, Jarrod Saltalamacchia won't be the next Cubs catcher and why the team needs to avoid land mines.
  • The front office shouldn't do what the media thinks is best: that would be a terrible idea. But the media needs to be kept in mind.



  • The Boston Red Sox are setting a bad precedent by standing in the way of Torey Lovullo getting a chance to interview with the Cubs.
  • Albert Almora has been one of the stars of the Arizona Fall League as one of the youngest players in the desert. The youngster is confident in his future with the Cubs. This is a must read, in my opinion. I love the way this young man sounds and it is a well written piece.
  • Here's a preview about Rick Renteria.
From the Chicago Tribune
  • Nothing not already posted, though they were the first ones I saw with the confirmation of Renteria. Emphasis on "I saw". Here's their first posting on it. I didn't know Renteria was a first round pick by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

From Peter Gammons Daily

  • Thanks to Josh, who had this sent along to him. It's an article from Peter Gammons about how the agreement between the Red Sox and Cubs restricted the opportunity for Torey Lovullo to interview for the managerial job.

Today's food for thought

  • Today's link has actual baseball relevance. I find this nearly impossible, but doctors have actually discovered a new human body part (caution: the name of the host site here might be a little salty for some). It's the anterolateral ligament and plays a role in ACL injury.