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Peoria Javelinas vs. Salt River Rafters, Saturday 11/9, 7 p.m. CT

This is the last of the five replay-review test games carried by MLB Network this week.

A "javelina" isn't something you throw in a track meet.

Nope. A javelina is a rather ugly-looking wild pig found throughout central and southern Arizona. Sure, it's native to the area, but why they'd name a baseball team after one... I dunno.

Anyway, the Peoria Javelinas have prospects from the Royals, Padres, Astros, Mariners and Phillies. They'll be facing the Rafters, who you have already seen a couple of times this week. You should be happy with Friday night's result, the Desert Dogs defeating the Scorpions, because that gave the Mesa Solar Sox a half-game lead in the AFL's East division. If the Solar Sox hang on and win the division, they'll play in the AFL's championship game next Saturday -- and that game's also being televised. So there's still a possibility we'll get one more chance to see the Cubs prospects on the Solar Sox in a televised game.

Tonight's game begins an hour earlier than the weeknight games -- 7 p.m. CT starting time -- and in addition to being on MLB Network, the game will be streamed at

If you can't get either of those, you should be able to follow along on this Gameday link.

Enjoy, and discuss amongst yourselves.