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Cub Tracks Is Tormented By Tryptophan

That blasted chemical put me in a food coma and I'm not alone. The beat writers are sluggish, too, and can pretty much only write about Jeff Samardzija. So Cub Tracks welcomes December and will keep the rumor mill churning.


I have the feeling we're going to be chasing Shark rumors well into 2014.

From Comcast SportsNet

From Cubs Den

  • The Cubs seem set on acquiring power pitching by volume, for now. So if you see Theo and Jed at Costco, you'll know what aisle they are heading toward.
  • The Toronto Blue Jays have frequently been mentioned as a possible trade partner. Here's a quick look at some possible target prospects.
  • Here's a preview of next year's bullpen. Hopefully the results don't at all resemble those from most of last year (particularly early).
  • Cub Notes looks at Edward Mujica, Jacoby Ellsbury, Jeff Samardzija, and why it is Starlin Castro and not Javier Baez who may be switching positions.



  • There's been plenty of debate about whether the Cubs should trade Jeff Samardzija. But who actually has the pieces to acquire the hurler? (Insider only)
  • Brandon Hyde is the Cubs new bench coach. And he thinks the job is a great fit (well, I would hope so!).
From the Chicago Tribune

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