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2013 MLB Winter Meetings: Another Day Of Nothing Happening

If you haven't been near your computer or phone or Twitter all morning, never fear. You haven't missed a Cubs thing.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Late Monday, I wrote "Are The Winter Meetings Irrelevant", based on Paul Sullivan's interview with Cubs GM Jed Hoyer and White Sox GM Rick Hahn.

Based on what the Cubs have done so far, I'd say the answer to the question in the headline is an emphatic "Yes!" Not even a minor-league signing. Few rumblings, and yesterday's brief Drew Storen/Tyler Clippard Cubs rumors (supposedly the Cubs were looking into trade possibilities) proved to be "nothing doing."

So you're back from lunch now. (Trust me, you didn't miss anything while you were away.) You're waiting for something to happen. So are the rest of us. This tweet:

... not only means that Mark Trumbo won't be coming to the Cubs (some of us had thought that might be a decent idea), but it also makes it much less likely that Jeff Samardzija will wind up in Arizona (because Tyler Skaggs was one of the possible pieces in return). On the other hand, the Diamondbacks could now use a starter. On the still other hand, they now have less to offer.

So far, the best news of the day is that New Yorker writer Roger Angell, the greatest sportswriter of them all, has been given the Spink Award and will speak in Cooperstown this summer. Angell is 93 and still an active writer; if you are not familiar with his writing (or even if you are) you should read all the links to some of his best work, at the link above.

This will serve as your open thread for Winter Meetings rumors, etc. this afternoon. Given the Cubs' lack of action, I wouldn't expect much. If something Cubs does happen, I'll write it up separately.