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Wrigley Field Season-Ticket Selection In The Snow

Here are some views of Wrigley you probably have never seen, plus a few notes from someone called from the waiting list to choose season seats.

I received an email from a BCB reader who was called to Wrigley Field Tuesday to select his season-ticket location. He wrote, "I finally have my very own season seats (assuming I pay the balance in January, which I plan to do unless a disaster befalls me). It's an incredible feeling."

He sent along these photos; I think it's cool to see Wrigley in the snow. My correspondent noted that there were still a large number of seats available in the 200 level, as well as in the upper deck. He thinks the Cubs will wind up going all the way through the wait list this offseason, or maybe only go to around 50,000 just to preserve the "illusion" of a wait list.

But really, the best thing about all this, for me at least, were the views of Wrigley Field with bright sunshine and snow on the field, particularly the panoramic photo (the second one in the gallery). My correspondent wrote that he'd have taken more, but: "I wanted to get out of there before frostbite started claiming extremities."