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Quotes From Theo: Cubs Have Made Offers

The Cubs' president of baseball operations says the team HAS been busy this week.

David Banks

Via Sahadev Sharma, who was tweeting away madly from the Winter Meetings this afternoon, we have a large collection of quotes from Theo Epstein. Here's my favorite:

The summary of the rest of the quotes is: the Cubs have an offer out for a free-agent reliever, a free-agent starter and a trade offer for a position player. Obviously, none of them were named, but at least we know Theo's been busy behind the scenes. He also noted that Jeff Samardzija is, at the present time, expected to be the Cubs' Opening Day starter, and:

I suspect we'll see Shark make that Opening Day start (that is, if it doesn't go to Travis Wood, who had a better year in 2013) and probably stick with the team at least up to the trading deadline. Theo also noted that the Cubs are looking for the Wrigley renovation and new TV deals to bring in much more revenue, and at that time, they expect to be "significantly more active."

You can read the entire sequence of tweets from Sahadev Sharma here, but I thought I'd end this post with another one of my favorites from what he tweeted this afternoon, no further commentary necessary: