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Cubs Make A Trade! Justin Ruggiano Acquired From Marlins

Everyone's packing up and leaving the Winter Meetings, and Theo & Jed are bringing an outfielder with them.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Late Wednesday in an interview session, Theo Epstein mentioned that the Cubs had a trade offer out for "a position player."

Perhaps this was the guy?

This isn't a major trade by any means; Justin Ruggiano is 31 years old and Brian Bogusevic will be 30 in February, so the Cubs aren't gaining any youth in this trade.

However, Ruggiano hits righthanded and the Cubs have been seeking a righthanded outfield bat. Ruggiano's career seems quite similar to Bogusevic's. In part-time play in 2012, Ruggiano hit .313/.374/.535 with 13 home runs and an OPS+ of 142 in 288 at-bats. That got him some more full-time play in 2013, and his performance suffered: .222/.298/.396 in 424 at-bats. He hit 18 home runs, but his OPS+ dropped to 90.

If you're guessing that's because he's a good platoon player but not much more, you'd be right. Lifetime vs. LHP: .256/.328/.506 (316 at-bats); lifetime vs. RHP: .249/.308/.393 (591 at-bats). So, I'd expect Ruggiano to be used in a platoon role, possibly with Nate Schierholtz in right field, though Ruggiano has played much more in left field than right.

Now, the Cubs can turn their attention to the reliever and starter that Theo said the team has offers on.