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The Jeff Samardzija Twitter Rumor Saturday

A series of tweets Saturday at first made it appear as if Jeff Samardzija had signed a contract extension with the Cubs. He hasn't, but read on. You'll be amused.


It all began innocently enough, with this tweet from Dan Hayes of CSN Chicago:

There followed a bit more on the CSN Chicago website:

During a telecast of a college basketball game Saturday afternoon, Dakich said the Cubs re-signed Samardzija to a $55 million deal.

Whether or not Dakich has become a source of Cubs news is still up for debate, but there's at least one person at the Worldwide Leader in Sports who felt the info was suitable for public consumption.

It certainly doesn't seem as if Dan Dakich would be the best source for the signing of a Cubs player to a contract extension. Hayes then tweeted a denial of the report:

The reaction to these tweets can be summed up this way:

But wait! Dan Dakich himself joins the fray of tweets!

Dakich claims he was saying Samardzija should sign, if 5 years/$55 million was a legitimate offer:

All right, enough of the frivolity and, instead, two serious questions: Should Shark re-sign, if this were the offer... and is this the right kind of offer for the Cubs to make?