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MLB Bullets Has Unfinished Business

The debate over home plate collisions goes on. In the Bronx, the fans are more worried about who left than who is coming in. The Royals snag a free agent away from the Yankees. NPB might chip in to make Tanaka go away and the bad Christmas sweater war goes on.

Koji Watanabe

I wish I was surprised when Ryan Freel was diagnosed with CTE, but I wasn't. From the announcement of his death from his own hands, it was clear that it was the most likely cause. I know ballplayers are well-compensated but no amount of money is worth that kind of a fate. To Bud Selig's credit, MLB seems to be ahead of the other leagues in dealing with the issue of concussions. The seven-day concussion DL list was one good step. Banning home plate collisions is another. They're also working on a new batting helmet, although players won't wear the new one because it makes them look like the Great Gazoo from the Flintstones. (Also, it's uncomfortable and can distract the hitter.) Baseball clearly can't prevent all concussions. But they certainly can and have taken actions to minimize both the concussions and their effects. They can and will do more, but they haven't stuck their heads in the sand either like some other leagues have.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster.