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Wrigley Field At Christmastime, In The Snow

Enjoy this gallery of photos taken during a recent snowfall on the North Side.

Monday, BCBer katie casey posted this FanShot containing a link to her Flickr gallery of photos taken outside Wrigley Field while it was snowing last week.

I liked the photos and asked her if I could put some of them here in a front-page story, to which she graciously agreed.

So enjoy these snowy photos and know that it's just 108 days until the Cubs will be playing baseball again at the corner of Clark & Addison.

I particularly like the photos of the statues around Wrigley covered with snow -- gives them a really different look, as well as the Cubs' use of old scorecard covers, some of the same ones you saw here in the Game From Cubs History series a year ago, as ornaments on the tree and as part of the "gift wrap" for the presents under the tree. Nice decorations, and a nice winter scene, in case you haven't yet had enough of the Chicago winter weather.