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Cub Tracks Waits For The Gift Of Links

No surprise: there's not much news in the Cubs' world. But some writers are still finding unique angles to give you something to click on Christmas Eve.


Happy holidays to all. And if a stranger with a large bag enters your home tonight, here's hoping it's Santa!

From Comcast SportsNet

From Cubs Den


From the Chicago Tribune

  • When links are bleak, you link to Paul Sullivan. The former beat writer thinks Starlin Castro's head is at the heart of his struggles.


  • Our friends at SBN's "Fake Teams" have a thorough prospect breakdown. This comes from a fantasy baseball perspective, but it definitely gives you some insights into the Cub prospects.
  • This was listed last week in one of Josh's MLB Bullets columns. But Baseball Prospectus tossed out some potential trades for Angels' superstar Mike Trout. Their idea for the Cubs: Trout and an add-on piece in exchange for Jeff Samardzija, Javier Baez, either Albert Almora or Jorge Soler, Dan Vogelbach, and another add-on. Do any Cub fans say no?

Today's food for thought

  • Scientists finally know who created some cool Amazonian web towers.
  • Other scientists say dinosaurs can't be revived using their own DNA. But, they think they might be able to do so by de-evolving birds.