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Masahiro Tanaka Reportedly Posted By Rakuten Eagles

One Japanese-language report indicates that Masahiro Tanaka has been posted.

Koji Watanabe

I pass this information along just as I received it, via Twitter, regarding Japanese star Masahiro Tanaka:

If you can't get the link in Hernandez's tweet, here it is. I ran it through Google Translate, and honestly, I can't make any sense of the Google translation, so if BCBer Osaka is around, I'd ask for him to give us a translation of it via a native Japanese speaker.

Hernandez, who is the Dodgers beat writer for the Los Angeles Times, also tweeted:

For whatever that's worth, as well.

Obviously, Hernandez posted these tweets because the Dodgers are likely to be one of the top contenders for the Japanese righthander's services. So are probably half the other teams in the major leagues, including the Cubs, who were reportedly going to go "all in" on Tanaka if he were posted.

I'd be all in favor of going all in. I hope Theo was serious when he said that, and I hope he can win Tanaka's services for the Cubs.

It would be quite a Christmas gift for the franchise.