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Cub Tracks Bids 2013 Adieu

As Al's column noted, 2013 wasn't all bad. But I think most of us will happily hit the reset button and start over tomorrow. So let's begin that looking ahead process with the very last Cub Tracks of 2013!

Looking for more Javy in 2014.
Looking for more Javy in 2014.

Cub Tracks will appear as scheduled on Thursday, but you can probably expect a rather slight version as few of these writers will be "working" on New Year's Eve or Day.

From Comcast SportsNet

  • Reasonably sure CSN is on Cubs vacation.

From Cubs Den

  • Paring down payroll has given (or necessitated, depending on your stance) the Cubs new ways of acquiring long-term talent.
  • Here's a book review of "Wrigley Field: An Oral and Narrative History of the Home of the Chicago Cubs."
  • A collection of notes looks at Javier Baez leading a big wave of Cub prospects, some underrated defense, and, of course, Masahiro Tanaka.


  • From the "no kidding" file: The Cubs' rebuild has endured many growing pains.


  • A review of the impact of NL offseason moves on team defense suggests the Cubs haven't done much. I'm sure this is no surprise to many of you.
  • The Cubs earned a mention in Jayson Stark's "Strange But True" column.
  • What is the Cubs' next move? I don't know since I'm no longer an "Insider", but based on the photo, I'm guessing it involves a certain Japanese pitcher. That move is also, apparently, a step toward the playoffs in 2015.
From the Dead Tree Folks
  • Nothing. Hibernating for the winter, I suppose.


  • Baseball America thinks Dallas Beeler is making a beeline to the majors (subscription).

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