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Cox, Torre, La Russa Elected To Hall Of Fame

The Veterans Committee elected three longtime managers to be inducted next July at Cooperstown.

Al Bello

Multiple Twitter reports are out Monday morning about the results of the Hall of Fame Veterans Committee voting; here's the summary:

So, no former players, nor executives, nor the late Players Association head Marvin Miller (who had said before his death that he didn't want the honor, although he certainly merited it) were voted in. In fact:

Election required 12 of the 16 votes, so in addition to Miller and Steinbrenner, the others who didn't get even half the votes were: Dave Concepcion, Steve Garvey, Tommy John, Billy Martin, Dave Parker, Dan Quisenberry and Ted Simmons.

Honestly? In my view, the only ones on the "missed" list who rate induction are John (for his playing career and his being the pioneer in the surgery now named after him) and Miller, who should have been recognized while he was still alive.

With the elections of Cox, Torre and La Russa, every manager who has 1,900 or more regular-season wins is in the Hall -- except Gene Mauch, who probably would have been elected if he'd won even one World Series. That means that Lou Piniella, who's 14th all-time in manager wins and has one World Series title to his name, has a fair chance of being elected some time in the future.

The regular Hall of Fame voting, done by the Baseball Writers Association of America, will be announced January 9, and this year's induction will take place July 27 in Cooperstown.