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How Many Days Until The First Spring Game?

Matt Garza's uniform number tells us (as of Friday 2/1) how many days remain until Cubs baseball takes the field for the 2013 spring-training season.

Bob Levey

It's an otherwise dull Friday in Chicago, cold (about 16 degrees), and so Matt Garza's uniform number serves as a reminder of how many days until the first spring-training game (Feb. 23 in Tempe vs. the Angels).

Matt also tweeted Friday afternoon that his workouts are coming along:

While it's impossible to say whether Garza will be 100 percent ready for Opening Day, but everything I've read and seen from his tweets seem to indicate that he's doing the hard work required to return from the elbow injury that sidelined him after late July.

Here's the question, then: presuming Garza starts spring training in the rotation, do you think he'll be traded before Opening Day? Or will the Cubs wait until the July 31 deadline to see how things are going before dealing him? Or, if he gets off to a good start, will they offer him a contract extension?

Vote in the poll and weigh in below.