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Cubs Sign Scott Hairston, DFA Tony Campana

Campana's popular and fast, but that wasn't enough to keep him on the Cubs' 40-man roster.

Bob Levey

I can hear the weeping and teeth-gnashing of some Cubs fans now:

Tony Campana. Popular player. Fast runner. Unfortunately, the speed is just about the only useful major-league skill Campana has; he has no power, doesn't walk, can't really bunt his way on base often enough, and though his speed helps him catch up to balls in the outfield, he doesn't have a very good throwing arm.

That said, the speed is a useful skill to have on a major-league team; Campana could be a decent 25th man on the roster of a postseason team. Right now, the Cubs don't have any room for him; given the fact that teams are now starting to report to spring training, most teams' rosters are full and so it's likely that Campana will clear waivers and be given a minor-league assignment and probably a NRI to spring training. He'll wind up at Iowa this year, likely as a callup in case of injury.

And if not, we can always remember this: