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Yankees, Ticketmaster Announce Resale Deal

The Bronx Bombers and Ticketmaster agreed to a deal for Yankees ticket holders to resell tickets, one that will likely be closely watched by other MLB clubs.

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Last fall, the Cubs, Yankees and Angels reserved the right to opt out of MLB's deal with StubHub, which was renewed for all other teams. In December, the Cubs announced they were re-upping with StubHub, with some changes to the previous deal:

With the new MLBAM deal, StubHub announced a new price floor of $6 and an upfront pricing policy that shows fees. Previously tickets could be listed for pennies, even though fees made the minimum $1O.4O. StubHub has also altered service and delivery fees.

According to these tweets, the $6 price floor is inclusive of fees:

That's all fine for Cubs fans -- both buyers and sellers -- but the Yankees decided to stay opted out, announcing their own team-run "Ticket Exchange"; it'll work this way:

Tickets may be purchased and electronically delivered as late as three (3) hours before game time. As an added benefit, the sellers' resale fee for those Ticket Licensees who manage and post their tickets through their "My Yankees Account" is limited to 5 percent of the purchase price of the resale transaction, as opposed to a resale fee of 15 percent of the purchase price, which is the current fee structure of other resale solutions. And, the "Yankees Ticket Exchange," will feature exclusive re-issue and print-at-home technology, which will enable fans to conveniently download and print their tickets. 

It does wind up as a bit better deal for Yankees ticket sellers, as they are charged a smaller fee than StubHub does. You can bet that the Cubs and other teams will be watching this closely to see how it works in New York.