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City: No Wrigley Night Game Ordinance Changes Now

The Cubs want more night games. The Cubs should get more night games. The city council says, "You'll have to wait."

Jonathan Daniel

When the Cubs announced the Wrigley restoration plans at the convention last month, among the restrictions they wanted lifted were those now limiting night games at Wrigley Field.

According to the Tribune, that won't be happening any time soon:

The Chicago Cubs' push for more night games in the upcoming season could be in jeopardy, as Ald. Tom Tunney said he would not introduce legislation at today's City Council meeting.

The team has asked Tunney, whose 44th ward encompasses Wrigley Field, to ease limits on night games, late Friday afternoon games, concerts and other non-game events that are part of a neighborhood protection ordinance.

There's just one thing... wrong, I'd say... with that quote. The 2013 schedules are pretty well set; I doubt at this point that more night games could be added for this season. I've written many times that I think the Cubs should be allowed to play Friday nights at home coming off road trips (there are three such dates this year), but maybe that would have to wait for the 2014 schedule to be configured. In any case, we appear to be closer to the beginning than to the end of all this:

A spokesman for the Ricketts family, the Cubs’ owners, said negotiations on several issues continue.  

"Everybody has a sense of urgency," said spokesman Dennis Culloton. "The team is still hoping to get things resolved by Opening Day at the latest."

As the saying goes: stay tuned.