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BCB Draft & Minors Coverage Plan, And College Baseball On TV

Here's a rundown of what you can look forward to regarding what we'll be writing about here on high school and college baseball prospects, draft prep and the Cubs' minor-league system. We've got you covered.

Al Yellon

I'm planning on ramping up my writing this summer, and by summer, I mean starting this weekend.

ESPN will be showing an historically large amount of college baseball this season, both on its cable networks and the online version, ESPN3 (here's ESPN's complete college baseball schedule). I obviously won't be able watch all of them, but I'll provide a weekly synopsis here, along with updates on possible first-round draft picks: college pitchers Mark Appel, Sean Manaea, Ryne Stanek, as well as anything of import on high-school outfielders Austin Meadows and Clint Frazier. The Cubs' first pick, No. 2 overall, will likely come from among those five. Vanderbilt ace (and former student of new Cubs roving minor league instructor Derek Johnson) Kevin Ziomek will get weekly treatment as well.

I will also be tossing in interesting nuggets from Twitter and the like, such as this on Karsten Whitson's future, or this on USC axing its coach for violating NCAA rules.

Early each week this spring (most likely Sunday or Monday), I should have something being published with notes on what I've seen and read. I'll monitor some of the Bristol offerings, and have a feature per week. This week's will be on Round 10 selections under the new CBA. I will also have something on one on the top catchers in the 2013 draft. Topic suggestions accepted below, though that doesn't mean I'll do them.


Don't worry about the minors. Josh will have his daily wraps as always during the season, and in addition, I'm planning a separate weekly feature on system, monitoring trends, injuries, streaks, and the like. That should also pop up on weekends, and your participation makes the feature and the writer more worth reading.

I'm also debuting a personal string of Google Docs on Cubs prospects. It won't be here, as I want it generally limited to people I'm familiar with from here or the Twitterverse. It should be easy-to-access, though I've run into individuals with a hard time getting Google Docs to load. Look me up off-site (email, Facebook, Twitter), as I'd like to keep a bit of proprietary control on that. Once that starts, my college coverage might wane a bit.


With my added ventures, I might be a bit more scarce on game threads with Javier Baez moon-launch home run status updates. Hopefully I can recruit some assistants to cover when I'm writing articles.

If you happen to make any minor league games in the pipeline this season, I do have a site where I have YouTube clips of pieces of note from last season. Any video from Baez, Dan Vogelbach, Jorge Soler, Albert Almora -- in fact, any video worth viewing would be welcomed and included during an upcoming segment. Any pitcher video is welcomed as well


I'm ready for Friday. Florida State will take on Rhode Island on the ESPN family of networks (you can watch online here at 3 p.m. CT), and I see patches of snow outside. Let's do this.