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MLB Bullets Writes With Too Much Flair

The Diamondbacks hope that a new attitude will make up for a lower talent level. Dan Uggla has lost weight while Pablo Sandoval gained it. Derek Jeter hopes to be back by opening day. Marlon Byrd could be starting in right field for the Mets. Also, they're making a fine wine these days in southern Ohio.

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John Grieshop

I was all set to spend the day outside in the unseasonably warm weather when I noticed water all over my kitchen floor. So instead I got to play plumber all day and all I discovered is that I need to call someone who knows what they're doing today.

I'm also discovering that I'm running into pay walls on newspaper websites as I search for links to bring you as I exceed my "monthly limit." Al doesn't pay me enough to subscribe to dozens of newspapers. I know there are ways around them and I use them, but it's getting annoying.

Down by sixteen early,the Hawkeye Men's Basketball team bounced back to trounce Minnesota, 72-51.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster, because I hope my floors will be dry by then.