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Alfonso Soriano Says He's 'Open To Trade'

Could the Cubs left fielder wind up in another uniform this year? He's apparently given the OK to be dealt to certain teams. (The pretty picture is from 2013 team photo day, which happened Monday.)

Jamie Squire

Here we go again.

Jesse Rogers of ESPN Chicago asked Alfonso Soriano if he'd be willing to be traded if the Cubs have another rough season and want to swap him for prospects.

Soriano said yes:

"I want to go somewhere where I'd feel comfortable," Soriano said Monday.

"(The Cubs) know what teams," Soriano said of a trade this season. "We talked, my agent talked with those guys."

Soriano said there were "6 or 7" teams in the "east or center" that he's given the Cubs as potential landing spots if he's moved.

"We've had a really good dialogue with Soriano and (agent) Pat Rooney," general manager Jed Hoyer said. "I'll leave those discussions between Soriano, Pat Rooney and the Cubs. He's been honest with us when we've discussed certain destinations with him."

Soriano has a full no-trade clause, but this would imply that he has "pre-approved" trades to certain teams in the "east or center". What teams could those be? The Yankees or Mets, presumably, since he's played in New York already and is familiar with them; perhaps the Rays, who could use a DH; maybe the Braves or Nationals, both NL East contenders. The Detroit Tigers, favored to win the AL Central, are another possibility.

The article says Soriano "reiterated" he wants to win with the Cubs. But by midseason 2013, a trade could be a real possibility.

What do you think? Presuming the Cubs eat all the remaining contract (there would be about $27 million left by midsummer), what would be an appropriate return?