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Cub Tracks Is Feeling Ian Stewart's Pain

Stewart has had his wrist issues. I may have developed carpal tunnel syndrome from collecting all these links. So show your appreciation by clicking, reading, and commenting.

Sympathy pains.
Sympathy pains.
Scott Boehm

News from all over the diamond. Sorry, my brain is tired, so that's all the wit I've got.

From Comcast SportsNet

  • (Also has video of Jeff Samardzija talking about the rotation) Dale Sveum is penciling in his rotation. And for now, he's got Scott Feldman in the fourth spot after the "big three". That would leave just Travis Wood and Carlos Villanueva competing for the fifth spot, as it looks like Scott Baker won't be quite ready to break camp with the big club.
  • They fought like brothers. But that's how Dioner Navarro convinced Matt Garza to see things in a new light.
  • Ian Stewart took the Cubs' non-guaranteed offer because he felt he owed the team something.
  • (Video of Sveum) All eyes are on Jorge Soler. Dale Sveum sees a right-handed Cliff Floyd when he watches the young outfielder.
  • (Also has Shark video listed above) There's been some rumblings about the Cubs acquiring David Price. The plan for now is to grow their own.
  • The team is putting a 101-loss season in the rearview mirror.
  • (Video) Anthony Rizzo wants to be talked about.
  • (Video) Patrick Mooney updates the state of Cub pitching.
  • (Video) Brent Lillibridge isn't afraid to compete.
  • The Cubs made it all of a couple hours before having their first injury scare. But Matt Garza says "it's not as bad as I thought." I remain skeptical.
  • No surprise, but Tom Ricketts is taking aim at the club's "unsustainable" tv rights deals.
  • Garza will have a MRI on his strained lat.

From Cubs Den

  • Zygote Watch! With all the buzz about the Cubs prospects who played in Boise last year, the new low-A affiliate Kane County Cougars should be a lot of fun to watch. Part 1 looks at the infield position, Part 2 looks at outfielders, and Part 3 looks at the pitchers.
  • Cub Notes: Carlos Villanueva is planning to pitch a lot, Matt Garza's arm strength is back, Soler and Javy Baez in the same (spring training) line-up, Theo and Jed battle for bunting bragging rights, and Rafael Dolis is not out of options.
  • Anarchist's brunch offers a pu pu platter including Matt Spiegel leaving The Score.
  • Jorge Soler has wowed in batting practice. But Cubs Den channels its inner Allen Iverson to remind us "we talkin' bout practice. Not a game. Not a game. Practice." Point being: don't lose the things the young Cub needs to work on while being star struck by the BP moon shots.
  • You know about the Tony Campana trade by now. I linked the Cub Den article in that thread, but thought I'd add it here since it has video of the two pitchers acquired by the Cubs.



From the Chicago Tribune

From the Chicago Sun-Times

  • Steve Clevenger and Edwin Jackson say they've buried the hatchet after scuffling in the Cubs fracas with the Nationals last year.
  • Travis Wood and Carlos Villanueva both want to be in the Cub rotation, so they're making a pitch for change.
  • Luis Valbuena has the mentality that he will have to fight to make the team. I think he's safe, but if the team acquires a right-handed third baseman and Ian Stewart performs, he may be on the bubble.
  • Speaking of Stewart, he says he's ready to go. Though he probably said those same things above.
  • Another photo gallery.

From the Daily Herald

Today's food for thought

  • Science news today. Scientists feel they are very close to discovering dark matter.
  • I'm not sure if Josh will have seen this, but I found it too weird to pass up. Seattle Mariners' prospect Nick Franklin has the opposite problem of many Americans: he's too thin. So he's on a 6,500-calorie-a-day diet. That's right, 6,500.