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4 Cubs On Baseball America's 2013 Top-100 List

Javier Baez tops the list of Cubs prospects. The future's bright. (Wear shades if you want.) This photo is of Arodys Vizcaino, another Cub prospect on the list.

Jamie Squire

The Cubs' farm system is, as you know, beginning to develop real depth for the future.

It's getting good enough that Baseball America has included four Cubs on their just-released Top-100 prospects list, including one in the top 20. If that doesn't seem like a lot, keep in mind there are 30 teams. If every team were equal, each would have three or four players on the list. Four is a decent number; I'd guess that next year, this number will be larger.

The four Cubs are:

No. 16, Javier Baez
No. 33, Albert Almora
No. 34, Jorge Soler
No. 83, Arodys Vizcaino

Keep in mind that Soler and Almora have played exactly one professional season, and not a full season at that, and both are in the top 40. That's pretty impressive. Javier Baez, who played in the Arizona Fall League last year and is just 20 years old, ranks ahead of familiar names like Billy Hamilton, Nick Castellanos and Mike Olt.

I would expect Vizcaino will rank higher once he pitches again.

Here's a place for you to discuss those prospects, and others.