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Are You Ready For More Northwestern Football At Wrigley Field?

You won't see football in 2013, but other NU sports could happen at Wrigley, with the possibility of football in future years.

Jonathan Daniel

The Northwestern/Illinois game at Wrigley Field in November 2010 was a terrific experience -- that is, if you could ignore the ridiculous decision of Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany to tell the teams they both had to send their offensive units toward the west end zone, after everyone had signed off on the field being safe.

Anyway, we're probably going to find out sometime in the future whether Delany will let future NU football players play the game the right way, because the Cubs and Northwestern will announce a longterm partnership Tuesday, according to Teddy Greenstein in the Tribune:

A university source told the Tribune that while Wrigley will not host football in 2O13, other NU teams might play there this year, such as baseball, softball, soccer and lacrosse.

And it’s just a matter of time before NU football returns to Wrigley Field, given that the 2O1O Northwestern-Illinois game was profitable for the Cubs and gave the Wildcats a huge marketing boost.

NU athletic director Jim Phillips told the Tribune after the 2010 game that there was "absolutely potential to do another. This was a wonderful event, it captured a national audience and from the responses I've received, there truly was a bowl-like atmosphere."

It was indeed a great event. I'm hoping to see another football game there, as well as possibly other events, with the usual caveat: whatever sport (or, for that matter, concert) is played at Wrigley Field, it is the responsibility of the Cubs and any other entity who uses it, to put the field back in top shape for baseball when they're done.