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2013 Cubs TV Schedule

Here's the complete Cubs TV schedule for 2013. 67 games will be on WGN; 80 on CSN (including CSN+), eight on WCIU, six on Fox, and one on ESPN (not including games that are also on other channels). All games (outside the Chicago market) are available on MLB.TV. All times Central.

Date            Opponent        Time    Channel
Mon, 4/1        at Pirates	12:35p	WGN
Wed, 4/3	at Pirates	6:O5p	CSN
Thu, 4/4	at Pirates	11:35a	WGN
Fri, 4/5	at Braves	6:3Op	CSN+
Sat, 4/6	at Braves	6:1Op	WGN
Sun, 4/7	at Braves	12:35p	CSN
Mon, 4/8	Brewers	        1:2Op	WGN
Tue, 4/9	Brewers	        7:O5p	WGN
Wed, 4/1O	Brewers	        7:O5p	CSN+
Thu, 4/11	Giants	        1:2Op	CSN
Fri, 4/12	Giants	        1:2Op	CSN
Sat, 4/13	Giants	        12:O5p	FOX
Sun, 4/14	Giants	        1:2Op	WGN
Tue, 4/16	Rangers	        7:O5p	CSN
Wed, 4/17	Rangers	        7:O5p	WGN
Thu, 4/18	Rangers	        1:2Op	WGN
Fri, 4/19	at Brewers	7:1Op	WCIU
Sat, 4/2O	at Brewers	6:1Op	CSN
Sun, 4/21	at Brewers	1:1Op	CSN
Mon, 4/22	at Reds	        6:1Op	CSN
Tue, 4/23	at Reds	        6:1Op	WGN
Wed, 4/24	at Reds	        11:35a	CSN
Thu, 4/25	at Marlins	6:1Op	WCIU
Fri, 4/26	at Marlins	6:1Op	WGN
Sat, 4/27	at Marlins	6:1Op	CSN+
Sun, 4/28	at Marlins	12:1Op	CSN
Mon, 4/29	Padres	        7:O5p	CSN
Tue, 4/3O	Padres	        7:O5p	WCIU
Wed, 5/1	Padres	        7:O5p	CSN
Thu, 5/2	Padres	        1:2Op	CSN
Fri, 5/3	Reds	        1:2Op	CSN
Sat, 5/4	Reds	        12:O5p	CSN
Sun, 5/5	Reds	        1:20p	WGN
Tue, 5/7	Cardinals	7:O5p	WGN
Wed, 5/8	Cardinals	1:2Op	CSN
Fri, 5/1O	at Nationals	6:O5p	WCIU
Sat, 5/11	at Nationals	3:O5p	CSN
Sun, 5/12	at Nationals	12:35p	WGN
Mon, 5/13	Rockies	        7:O5p	WCIU
Tue, 5/14	Rockies	        7:O5p	CSN
Wed, 5/15	Rockies	        7:O5p	CSN
Fri, 5/17	Mets	        1:2Op	WGN
Sat, 5/18	Mets	        12:O5p	CSN
Sun, 5/19	Mets	        1:2Op	WGN
Tue, 5/21	at Pirates	6:O5p	CSN
Wed, 5/22	at Pirates	6:O5p	WGN
Thu, 5/23	at Pirates	11:35a	CSN
Fri, 5/24	at Reds 	6:1Op	WGN
Sat, 5/25	at Reds 	3:1Op	WGN
Sun, 5/26	at Reds 	12:1Op	CSN
Mon, 5/27	at White Sox	6:1Op	CSN
Tue, 5/28	at White Sox	7:1Op	WCIU
Wed, 5/29	White Sox	1:2Op	CSN
Thu, 5/3O	White Sox	1:2Op	WGN
Fri, 5/31	D-backs 	1:2Op	CSN
Sat, 6/1	D-backs 	6:15p	FOX
Sun, 6/2	D-backs 	1:2Op	WGN
Tue, 6/4	at Angels	9:O5p	WGN
Wed, 6/5	at Angels	6:O5p	CSN	
Fri, 6/7	Pirates 	TBD	WGN
Sat, 6/8	Pirates 	3:O5p	CSN
Sun, 6/9	Pirates 	1:2Op	WGN
Mon, 6/1O	Reds    	7:O5p	CSN
Tue, 6/11	Reds	        7:O5p	WGN
Wed, 6/12	Reds    	1:2Op	CSN
Thu, 6/13	Reds    	1:2Op	CSN
Fri, 6/14	at Mets 	6:1Op	CSN
Sat, 6/15	at Mets 	12:1Op	CSN
Sun, 6/16	at Mets 	12:1Op	WGN
Mon, 6/17	at Cardinals	6:O5p	WCIU/ESPN
Tue, 6/18	at Cardinals	7:15p	CSN
Wed, 6/19	at Cardinals	7:15p	CSN
Thu, 6/2O	at Cardinals	7:15p	WGN
Fri, 6/21	Astros  	TBD	CSN
Sat, 6/22	Astros  	3:O5p	WGN
Sun, 6/23	Astros  	1:2Op	CSN
Tue, 6/25	at Brewers	7:1Op	CSN
Wed, 6/26	at Brewers	7:1Op	WGN
Thu, 6/27	at Brewers	1:1Op	CSN
Fri, 6/28	at Mariners	9:1Op	WGN	
Sat, 6/29	at Mariners	6:15p	FOX
Sun, 6/3O	at Mariners	3:1Op	CSN
Tue, 7/2	at Athletics	9:O5p	CSN
Wed, 7/3	at Athletics	9:O5p	CSN+
Thu, 7/4	at Athletics	3:O5p	WGN
Fri, 7/5	Pirates 	TBD	CSN
Sat, 7/6	Pirates 	3:O5p	WGN
Sun, 7/7	Pirates 	1:2Op	WGN
Tue, 7/9	Angels  	7:O5p	CSN
Wed, 7/1O	Angels  	7:05p	WGN
Thu, 7/11	Cardinals	7:05p	CSN
Fri, 7/12	Cardinals	TBD	WGN
Sat, 7/13	Cardinals	6:15p	FOX
Sun, 7/14	Cardinals	7:O5p	ESPN
Fri, 7/19	at Rockies	7:4Op	WGN	
Sat, 7/2O	at Rockies	7:1Op	WGN
Sun, 7/21	at Rockies	3:1Op	CSN
Mon, 7/22	at D-backs	8:4Op	CSN
Tue, 7/23	at D-backs	8:4Op	WGN
Wed, 7/24	at D-backs	8:4Op	CSN+
Thu, 7/25	at D-backs	8:4Op	WGN
Fri, 7/26	at Giants	9:15p	WGN
Sat, 7/27	at Giants	8:O5p	CSN
Sun, 7/28	at Giants	3:O5p	WGN
Mon, 7/29	Brewers 	7:O5p	CSN
Tue, 7/3O	Brewers 	7:O5p	CSN
Wed, 7/31	Brewers 	7:05p	WGN
Thu, 8/1	Dodgers 	7:O5p	CSN
Fri, 8/2	Dodgers 	TBD	WGN
Sat, 8/3	Dodgers 	3:O5p	FOX
Sun, 8/4	Dodgers 	1:2Op	WGN
Tue, 8/6	at Phillies	6:O5p	CSN	
Wed, 8/7	at Phillies	6:O5p	WCIU
Thu, 8/8	at Phillies	12:O5p	CSN
Fri, 8/9	at Cardinals	7:15p	WGN
Sat, 8/1O	at Cardinals	6:15p	WGN
Sun, 8/11	at Cardinals	1:15p	WGN
Mon, 8/12	Reds    	7:O5p	CSN+
Tue, 8/13	Reds    	7:O5p	CSN
Wed, 8/14	Reds    	1:2Op	WGN
Fri, 8/16	Cardinals	TBD	CSN
Sat, 8/17	Cardinals	12:O5p	CSN
Sun, 8/18	Cardinals	TBD	WGN or ESPN
Mon, 8/19	Nationals	7:O5p	CSN
Tue, 8/2O	Nationals	7:O5p	CSN
Wed, 8/21	Nationals	7:O5p	WGN
Thu, 8/22	Nationals	1:2Op	WGN
Fri, 8/23	at Padres	9:1Op	CSN
Sat, 8/24	at Padres	7:4Op	WGN
Sun, 8/25	at Padres	3:1Op	WGN
Mon, 8/26	at Dodgers	9:1Op	CSN
Tue, 8/27	at Dodgers	9:1Op	WGN
Wed, 8/28	at Dodgers	2:1Op	CSN
Fri, 8/3O	Phillies	1:2Op	WGN
Sat, 8/31	Phillies	3:O5p	CSN
Sun, 9/1	Phillies	TBD	WGN or ESPN
Mon, 9/2	Marlins 	1:2Op	WGN
Tue, 9/3	Marlins 	7:O5p	CSN
Wed, 9/4	Marlins 	1:2Op	CSN
Fri, 9/6	Brewers 	1:2Op	WGN
Sat, 9/7	Brewers 	12:O5p	FOX	
Sun, 9/8	Brewers 	1:2Op	WGN
Mon, 9/9	at Reds 	6:1Op	CSN+
Tue, 9/1O	at Reds 	6:1Op	CSN
Wed, 9/11	at Reds 	11:35a	WGN
Thu, 9/12	at Pirates	6:O5p	WGN
Fri, 9/13	at Pirates	6:O5p	CSN
Sat, 9/14	at Pirates	6:O5p	CSN
Sun, 9/15	at Pirates	12:35p	WGN
Mon, 9/16	at Brewers	7:1Op	WGN
Tue, 9/17	at Brewers	7:1Op	CSN
Wed, 9/18	at Brewers	7:1Op	CSN+
Thu, 9/19	at Brewers	1:1Op	WGN 	
Fri, 9/2O	Braves  	1:2Op	CSN
Sat, 9/21	Braves  	3:O5p	WGN
Sun, 9/22	Braves  	1:2Op	WGN
Mon, 9/23	Pirates 	7:O5p	CSN
Tue, 9/24	Pirates 	7:O5p	CSN
Wed, 9/25	Pirates 	1:2Op	WGN
Fri, 9/27	at Cardinals	7:15p	CSN
Sat, 9/28	at Cardinals	6:15p	WGN
Sun, 9/29	at Cardinals	1:15p	CSN