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Fun With Cubs Photo Day

A spring ritual for every major-league player is to have his photo taken. Some of these photos are ordinary. A few of them are more interesting. Here are some of those.

It's not all baseball drills and bunting tournaments for the first couple of weeks of spring training, before exhibition games begin.

The Cubs, like all the other clubs, line up their players on one day during spring camp for official photos in front of plain-color backgrounds (the Cubs used both off-white and blue backgrounds). These are used for things like photos in media guides, press releases, and player pages on various websites, including this one. You'll see some of these photos over the course of this season for starting-pitcher previews, for example.

You probably won't see some of the photos I chose for this gallery, though, because as is likely to happen with some men in their 20s and 30s, they started fooling around a bit with poses as they probably got a little bored with the whole thing.

There's some of that here, along with what I think are, um, different facial hair choices. Enjoy.