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MLB Bullets Is Only In It For The Money

Zack Greinke is the most honest player in baseball. Also, Manny Ramirez is heading overseas, the Mets just have no sense of image and the Marlins still have the rights to the newest Diamondback. Also a great essay from a former fringe major leaguer on PEDs and the Boise Hawks are going to court, unfortunately.

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The World Baseball Classic gets underway again in Taiwan on Friday night at 10:30 pm Chicago time as Australia takes on host team Chinese Taipei. If you get up early on Saturday, you can catch Japan take on Brazil in Japan at 4 am Chicago time.

  • Speaking of Taiwan, guess where Manny Ramirez has signed to play this season?
  • Al mentioned this in his recap thread yesterday, but Zack Greinke told Jon Heyman that "I could play for the worst team if they paid the most." Now he didn't claim that money was the only factor in his signing with the Dodgers, simply the most important one. He said that being able to hit with the Dodgers was a factor in deciding between the "very close" offers of Los Angeles and the Rangers. He made his distaste for the DH clear by saying "It's boring watching American League games to me."
  • I'd say at least 90% of major league ballplayers, if they were being honest with themselves and the public, would say the same thing. About the money, that is. I don't know what they think of the Designated Hitter rule.
  • A real must-read (and free) article from Baseball Prospectus from Eric Knott, who pitched for the Diamondbacks and Expos in the early aughts, about a player's perspective on steroids and amphetamines. He says he never took steroids and was never seriously tempted, but he knew people who did and he downed a lot of greenies without anyone saying a bad word about them.
  • Big news for a Cubs farm team and potentially all of baseball. The Idaho Supreme Court ruled that a fan who lost an eye after being hit by a foul ball can sue the Boise Hawks and the stadium. Traditionally, the "Baseball Rule" is that fans assume the risk of beiing hit by sitting in the stands. Now the Supreme Court did not rule that the Hawks were liable or should be, only that a jury should decide whether or not the "Baseball Rule" should be applied in this case.
  • Here's a good one. The Mets, whose financial troubles stem in large part from their involvement in the Bernie Madoff pyramid scheme, have a new agreement at Citi Field with Amway, a company that has recently settled cases alleging that they are, in fact, a pyramid scheme. Amway will open up a storefront at the stadium. Really, only the Mets pull off something like this. (H/T Big League Stew)
  • There's one problem with Josh Booty winning MLB Network's "The Next Knuckler" reality show and getting a non-roster invitation to spring training with the Diamonbacks. Booty's rights are still owned by the Marlins, even though he retired from baseball in 1999. It's not likely to be a problem as the Marlins are unlikely to want to claim a 37 year-old who's been a pitcher for all of two months, but if he does look promising, Miami can claim him and the Diamondbacks will receive no compensation.
  • Hey! Miguel Cabrera and Adam Jones made a music video!

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Here's where I normally mention the Hawkeyes, where both my wife and I went to graduate school. But my wife did her undergraduate work at Gonzaga, whose men's basketball team was ranked second in the nation for the first time ever the week. Oh, and the number one team, Indiana, just lost last night.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster.