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Macabre Sugar Snorts (Cubs Roster Anagrams)

It's a few hours before a spring-training game. So let's have some fun with anagrams of names on the Cubs' roster.

Here's your one and only giveaway. This man is "Lesbian Uvula".
Here's your one and only giveaway. This man is "Lesbian Uvula".

I did this here a couple of years ago, and I freely admit this isn't an original idea -- many other sites have done this -- but I thought it might be fun to run the current Cubs 40-man roster through the Internet Anagram Server and see what humor would result, especially since there have been significant changes to the Cubs' roster in the last two years.

I added punctuation to a few of them to make them read better. There were no anagrams for Kyuji Fujikawa, Matt Garza and Matt Szczur. Too many j's and z's in those names, I guess.

Here, then, this list of anagrams for the rest of the players currently on the 40-man and a few of the non-roster invitees. Enjoy.

Snatch Its Root
Machined Below
Fat Clots Mend
Sand Jock Wine
Bribe, Let Drilling
Hey, Mac. Japan.
Clamor Molars
Water Stain
Dead Suds Jive
Nosy Ace Camel
Snug Rabbi Voice
Jock's Tent Bra
My Curt Tent
Ear Robs Yolk
Mold Car, Lend Land
To Horned Corn
Sir Urchins
Use Jar Smells
If Fazed, Jam Jars
A Zebra Jive
Veal Soul Carnival
Via Cozy Inroads
Ultra Boxer
Saved Applet
Cabaret Laborer
Champ Swan
Disavow Rot
Unveil Archival Stain
Goatskin Lawn
Calling Lost Townie
Jog Or Reels
Clever Gene Vest
If Noon, Also Oars
Overran In Road
Thin Craze Hostel
New Air Brandy
Ladies Flora
Rats Acorn List
Entire Throwback
Oral Junkie
Razz Thy Onion
Tab Rockets
Jives Troths
Lesbian Uvula