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MLB Bullets Has Its Own Enemies List

That other sporting event has kept baseball quiet over the weekend, but MLB Bullets has found a few nuggets while panning for gold. The Tigers need depth, Corey Hart is coming back quickly and Kevin Millwood is not coming back at all.

Ed Zurga

Now that the silly Super Bowl is over, we can start paying attention to the sport that really matters: baseball. I hear that once spring training starts, ESPN is going to feature baseball every night on SportsCenter. I'm just kidding. They're going to keep talking about the NFL draft, Tim Tebow and imaginary girlfriends. Baseball will get mentioned right after the hockey scores. At least there is the MLB Network now.

The Hawkeye men's basketball team blew a chance at a big upset at Minnesota.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, because there will be Jell-O, Buster.