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Cubs Keep Lendy Castillo After He Clears Waivers

Lendy Castillo spent 2012 being manipulated by the Rule 5 rules; now, having cleared waivers, he stays in the Cubs organization. To what end?

Ralph Freso

The Lendy Castillo saga in the Cubs' organization will continue:

I think you all know my view of Rule 5 picks like this one. Yes, some Rule 5 picks (Johan Santana is a good recent example) make it and do well. Most do not. The Cubs haven't had one in... well, ever. They did get some value out of losing a Rule 5 pick in 2008, when Randy Wells was chosen by the Blue Jays. Wells pitched in one game for Toronto and was returned, and had at least a couple of decent seasons in the Cubs' rotation.

But Lendy? He's had a year essentially wasted, where he barely pitched. Being assigned to the Iowa roster, I'll assume he might become their closer this year... or maybe not. He's now 23 and, apart from his pretty bad outings in the major leagues, has pitched exactly two games above A ball.

Maybe it'll work out. I have my doubts. The Cubs have another Rule 5 pick in Hector Rondon this year; Rondon was more advanced than Lendy when he was injured and had Tommy John surgery, so presumably he might actually contribute to a major-league bullpen.

Farewell, Lendy. And if I had my way, farewell to Rule 5 picks.